Bella Rose Story

The story of our singular line of cosmetics started in 2010. Our goal was to create a unique line of products, comprised of prime formulas, for women with different skin types. Quality and variety were the name of the game.

In its first years, the brand was a special, boutique, a thriving family business. Until one day, in 2016, we had a life-changing visit. One of our buyers was so pleased with our products that she decided to invest and help us spread our products throughout Europe. This was our way to achieve our mission: enrich women’s skin with exquisite formulas.

Our products were sold in England, Spain, Germany and Italy.

But then, in 2019, COVID-19 struck, and unfortunately, the whole market slowed down, as did we. Now, we’re reviving our brand, changing things up, growing and expanding, preparing to reach new peaks and new locations. We’ve taken our new collection in a new direction, enriched our formulas with Dead Sea Minerals and diamond dust, and so much more.

We’re presenting our brand new collection – ready to get back to the market! Looking forward to growing, BELLA ROSE.